Campaign sets the Fourth District of Iloilo on the Tourist Map


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Think of Western Visayas, and bustling streets of Iloilo City or the pristine beaches of Boracay come to mind. But the region holds an often-overlooked treasure - the Fourth District of Iloilo. Despite its captivating history, vibrant culture, and stunning nature, this area faced significant challenges in gaining recognition and attracting visitors. That's why Prometheus launched the Bugal sang Kwarto Distrito campaign.

The Bugal Sang Kwarto Distrito campaign aimed to empower locals to become ambassadors for their region, leveraging their deep knowledge and passion for their hometowns. By harnessing the concept of revenge tourism and tapping into the strength of word-of-mouth marketing within the close-knit community of Panay Island, the campaign sought to create mass awareness and curiosity among potential travelers.

The campaign employed a multi-faceted approach to reach and engage with potential travelers. A user-friendly website, Bugal Sang Kwarto Distrito, served as a central hub for information on the Fourth District's attractions, accommodations, and local experiences, providing visitors with easy access to all the necessary details they needed to plan their trip effectively.

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Influential travel bloggers and content creators were invited to experience the Fourth District firsthand through the Bugal Sang Kwarto Distrito Influencer Tour, generating unbiased coverage and recommendations that resonated with their followers.

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The Bugal Lokal Trade Fair showcased the district's local products, artistry, and culinary delights, providing visitors with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and heritage of the Fourth District while supporting local businesses.

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The campaign also utilized an online show called Kwatro Puntos Online to showcase tourism highlights, events, and activities within the Fourth District, increasing its visibility and appeal.

The Bugal sang Kwarto Distrito campaign generated over 6.3 million impressions online, with thousands discovering the district's offerings through the website and user-generated content. Influencers connected with a vast audience, and the campaign spurred an unprecedented 300% increase in tourism activity.

The campaign propelled Prometheus into the national spotlight as the Bugal sang Kwarto Distrito campaign earned a nomination in the Excellence in Public Sector/Non-Profit Marketing category at the Marketing Excellence Awards 2023.

The Fourth District of Iloilo is no longer overlooked. Through the empowerment of locals and the strategic utilization of digital tools, Prometheus demonstrated the power of sustainable and authentic tourism development.