Discovering Your Purpose at a Marketing Agency in Iloilo

Blessed Bea Plondaya took the leap to leave the government for what would become Western Visayas' 1st full-service marketing agency.


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Embracing Change with Resilience and Reinvention

Blessed Bea Plondaya's transition from government service to the dynamic landscape of marketing was a pivotal moment in her life. When she started at a marketing agency in Iloilo, she felt both excited and nervous. After spending almost three years in government, she was eager but also unsure about what to expect.

First Steps at a Marketing Agency

Bea faced the challenge of learning new things while helping lead a creative team of the growing company. Despite running into problems and feeling frustrated, she discovered she was tougher than she thought.

Every time she messed up, it pushed her to try even harder. Eventually, she got the hang of things and started to enjoy being part of the creative atmosphere at the top marketing agency in Iloilo.

Reinventing Oneself

Now as the Chief Operating Officer, Bea can't believe how much she's grown – not just at work, but in her personal life too. Working at a marketing agency in Western Visayas wasn't just a job for her – it was a place where she could let her imagination run wild. After all, Prometheus is where dreams take flight and ideas flourish.

Power of Perseverance

From struggling to learn new skills to celebrating successes with her team, Bea's journey has been all about sticking with it and never giving up. As she thinks about the future of Prometheus, she is filled with excitement for the limitless possibilities. She's inspired by the passion and creativity of her team, and she knows they'll keep moving forward together.

As Bea looks back on everything she's been through, she's filled with a sense of pride – not just for herself but for Prometheus too.

“Here’s to embracing the unknown, seizing every opportunity, and together, continuing to craft the next chapter of our success story.”

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