Gino Fanega's journey as an Executive Creative Director at Western Visayas' 1st full-service marketing agency shows finding creativity in marketing.


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We often hear that creativity doesn't pay the bills and that pursuing creativity offers no real future. Despite these persistent remarks, when creativity calls, no one can help but answer. The challenge then becomes not just how to engage with our creativity but how to thrive in doing so amidst skepticism.

A Creative Spark

Gino Fanega's creative journey started at the University of the Philippines Visayas, where national marketing competitions ignited his passion for advertising. Despite initial detours into non-marketing roles early in his career, Gino's desire to shift towards the marketing agency path remained strong.

The Turning Point

The year 2020 proved pivotal for Gino. In fact, he would soon find himself engaged in production shoots with a marketing agency in Iloilo. His commitment and creativity quickly made him stand out, leading to involvement in more projects. “That was an opportunity I could not miss, and finally, I left my corporate job,” Gino said. This decision marked the beginning of his journey into the creative agency world. Soon, he found himself leading as the Executive Creative Director of Prometheus, the first full-service marketing agency in Western Visayas.

Building a Creative Agency in Western Visayas

Establishing a creative team outside of Metro Manila presented unique challenges. Prometheus CEO, Lcid Fernandez, shared that he initially faced skepticism when pitching the idea of a marketing agency in Iloilo. For many local artists and writers in Iloilo, the concept of a marketing and advertising agency was foreign. “The idea of a creative career in marketing without relocating to Metro Manila was unheard of here,” Gino pointed out. He shared that the biggest challenge was to capture Iloilo's raw artistic talent into the so-called “commercial framework” of advertising. “We literally had to redefine what creativity means in the context of art and marketing. It wasn't just about artistic expression, but about crafting solutions that achieved our clients' specific business goals,” Gino said.

Charting New Paths in Marketing Agency

Prometheus was founded upon recognizing the untapped potential of Western Visayas' creative talent. This inspired Gino to envision a space where young and seasoned individuals in Iloilo could collaborate, innovate, and become a powerhouse of creativity. “Creativity has no borders,” Gino said. “We can compete on the national stage right here in Iloilo.” Gino said.

Pushing the Boundaries

For Gino, the future is more than maintaining the status quo. He envisions Prometheus as a leader in marketing innovation, constantly exploring new creative territories. “Prometheus will always be a ship, striving to push past creative boundaries,” Gino said. His vision for the agency is clear: to continue building an exceptional team and bringing out the best ideas that not only highlight their clients but also steer the industry toward new standards of creative excellence. Gino's story exemplifies the creative potential within each of us. Just like we curate our personal style and prepare our meals, there's an artistic dimension to crafting our lives. Gino reminds us that creativity extends beyond painting and music. He found his own unique expression in the world of marketing, helping to build Prometheus — the creative and marketing leader in Western Visayas.

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