How the Prometheus founder launched an award-winning marketing rocketship from a small bedroom


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In 2019, Prometheus' story began with its founder Lcid Fernandez being told by his mentors from various industries, including his father, that a social media marketing agency would never work in Western Visayas, much less Iloilo City. When he pitched his idea for seed capital, he was denied.

Undaunted, Lcid launched Prometheus from his bedroom with mostly DIY equipment. Then, he was simply Lcid the start-up founder, trying to get his digital marketing company off the ground in the middle of a pandemic.

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It was during this time as well that he rose to become the VP External of Daily Guardian, a regional daily newspaper. What was a traditional and conservative media outlet quickly became the most innovative media platform in the region. Combining both his roles as Prometheus CEO and Daily Guardian VP External, Lcid created several product lines and content series' that modernized Daily Guardian's reporting, and introduced a storytelling platform that felt closer to its audiences.

In this period, Daily Guardian's digital organic reach grew from 700 to over 10 million people monthly, with his work being recognized in his nomination as Newsmaker of the Year in the Globe Media Excellence Awards. Daily Guardian went on to be perennially recognized by its national and international colleagues for its innovative and responsible journalism.

Almost five years later, Prometheus grew from its humble 3 digital marketers working out of a bedroom to a team of 50 idea engineers leading the industry in its locality. Prometheus has evolved from a digital marketing agency into becoming the only award-winning full-service marketing agency and public relations firm based in Western Visayas.

The results that Prometheus has delivered have been recognized not just by its clients, but by the industry itself. Lcid is the first Ilonggo to ever win the Marketing Leader of the Year Award at the Marketing Excellence Awards (MEA) Philippines. In 2023 alone, he also received the following recognitions:

    • Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year at the IlonggoEntrepreneur Awards 2023
    • Dungganon nga Barotacnon Awardee for Entrepreneurship by the Municipality of Barotac Nuevo and JCI Barotac Nuevo Tamasak
    • Nominated in the ASEAN Business Awards
    • Nominated in the INJAP Young Ilonggo Entrepreneur Awards
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Lcid's story is one of perseverance and defying limitations. He has always said, “The struggle to get from where you are to where you want to be is what makes the journey beautiful.”

He has led the marketing revolution in Iloilo, evidenced by data-backed conversion strategies and industrial impact. His journey, born from rejection — serves as an inspiration — proving that success often lies beyond the comfort zone, waiting to be seized by those who dare to go through the struggle.

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